Aptiv – General Motors – DMS App (7/2022 – Current):

  • Responsible for the Technical Safety Concept (TSC)
    • Adding Technical Safety Requirements (TSRs) and review them with responsible teams in Polarion.
    • Add information/diagrams related to the project.
    • Ensure TSRs Traceability.
    • Specify the safe states (which agreed with the customer).
  • Responsible for the Safety Manual (AoUs).
    • Adding any AOUs result from the safety analysis, and review them with the customer.
  • Responsible for the Degradation Matrix.
    • Listing all project faults and specify with SW team support the FDTI/FRTI, safe state reaction, and DTCs.
  • Responsible for the FTTI Analysis
    • Check if any of the faults violate the FTTI specified by the customer, if yes then analyze it with the customer.
  • Support in the Safety Analysis
    • Support in Functional Interface Analysis if needed
    • Support in FTA if needed
    • Updating the DFA analysis (Cascading/common cause failures)
  • Review Software Safety Requirements.
    • Review the SW safety requirements which are sent by SW team and add my approval on Polarion
  • Participate in the technical discussions with the customer for the safety related issues

Overview of the feature (Driver attention system / Gaze monitoring) can be found here: check from second "50"